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Here are some of the questions we are often asked .
If you have a question please free to ask and we will endeavour to answer it here.

Q: Can anyone attend the BCCMA Training Course?

A: Yes, All members of our school for 3 years or more can attend.
Don’t think of it as a test but as a great addition to our knowledge.

Q: How can I watch our School Form Videos?

A: You can watch School Videos on our web page here.
Hint - Mouse over the video player and find the next video in the list.

Or visit our You Tube Channel to watch our Forms Videos or our Compilation Playlist

Q: How can I watch You Tube Videos offline?

A: You can download a You Tube Video you are watching by:

Open these two pages in your browser. Compilation Playlist and Video Downloader
Hint: - Make sure both pages are open at once.

Select the video on You Tube you would like to watch offline and choose ‘Share’
Copy the URL (page address) of the video.

Go to the Video Download page and paste the link into the box select Go / Arrow.
This will find the video.
Choose ‘DOWNLOAD’ the video will download to your machine.
Hint: - Run a virus check on the file before opening it.
You have now saved a copy to your machine and can watch it offline.

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