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Welcome to Rhuddlan Taijiquan

Monthly Class Timetable
Monday Evenings Rhuddlan Flipbook 6pm to 7pm
1st 2nd 3rd week of the month - Chen Loa Jia
4th week - Chen 19 Taijiquan - Qi Gong

Monday Evenings 7-15pm to 8.40pm - Improvers
1st week - Chen Loa Jia (Old Frame)
2nd week -Chen Pao Chui (Cannon Fist)
3rd week - Chen Jian (Straight Sword)
4th week of the month - Chen 19 & Applications.

Thursday Mornings 10am to 11am - Open to all.
1st - 2nd & 3rd week of the month - Chen 19
4th week - Chen Jian

Chinese Tea to finish
Please Note: Booking is Essential as places are limited

Directions from Google  Venue: Rhuddlan Community Centre, Parliament Street, Rhuddlan

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