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Trelawnyd Taiji Martial Arts Class

Our Taiji Martial Arts Sessions take place on. Wednesday Evenings 7.45pm to 9.00pm at Trelawnyd.

Exploring and utilising the principles of Taijiquan the Martial Art.
Combining them with Taijiquan Form to achieve a different kind of  workout system.

Patiently building strength through internal exercise. Push Hands
Taijiquan Martial Art is the side of Taijiquan many people never experience.....

Class Syllabus includes:
Warm Up
Yin Yang Qi Gong
Self Defence Applications
Push Hands
Cool Down

Please Note:
Booking is Essential as places are limited

Directions from Google
Venue: Trelawnyd Memorial Hall, London Road, Trelawnyd LL18 6DN

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